Monday, August 8, 2011

What's going on with this moon by Fan0fFacts

Thanks sistah for this information!

Today the moon storms into Sagittarius. The unvarnished emotional depth of Scorpio gives way to the possibilities of optimism and hopes influenced by the pings of intuition that our world may have taken a small detour over the last few days that reveal something of a hidden destiny that yearns for, and must be supplied with, something bigger and better, still just out of reach, but somehow obtainable it we can just reset our bearings to shore up to a plan that is workable given the circumstances.

To say this is a small shift is to ignore the obvious. Many systems are just not working anymore. Partners and those whom you would normally be connected to with ease are also feeling the strain. This week will reveal much of what has been anticipated in the way of "breaking down" resistance to change and the usual avenues taken by rote, or routine, could have detour signs that prevent previous customary access.

Transparency and truth are imperative, on our part and on the part of the universal consciousness that is having a momentary break from being able to access clear and discernible data, unclouded by longings for "the easy way out". 

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