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Heads up Seven UP! Mars and Neptune take the stage!

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You know I always perk up when she speaks Aquarian lol

Welcome to the CHANGE UP!
Mars the planet of aggression entered CANCER the sign of emotion and Neptune the planet of illusions backed into AQUARIUS, the collective.
With respect to Neptune reentering Aquarius, Neptune was last in Aquarius 1998, "the veil" in the sign of the "collective". The last time Neptune was in Aquarius in the grand cycle there were periods of enhanced spiritual teaching coming form the "masters" or the " Brotherhood" since the 11th house, Aquarius rules over the "consciousness of MAN" and humanity as a whole.

The theosophy society was founded by Helena P Blavatsky at this time and is one of the more well known contributions of "higher self" promoted by the energies of Neptune in Aquarius.

The Theosophical Society
The Theosophical Society is a worldwide association dedicated to practical realization of the oneness of all life [Pantheism] and to independent spiritual search [Gnosticism]. It was founded in New York City in 1875 by Helena P. Blavatsky, Henry S. Olcott, William Q. Judge, and others. Blavatsky (1831-1891) is the primary force behind the modern theosophical movement. Her works and those of her teachers express the principal concepts of its philosophy. A Russian by birth, she traveled for twenty years in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Near East studying mysticism and occultism [satanic connection]. Helena P. Blavatsky also wrote books titled Isis Unveiled [pagan goddess] and The Secret Doctrine [Gnosticism].

Objects of The Theosophical Society

  • To diffuse among men a knowledge of the laws inherent in the Universe. [wisdom based - Gnosticism, with 'highly intelligent spiritual entities (demons) from superior spheres' influenced adepts for teachers]
  • To promulgate the knowledge of the essential unity of all that is, and to demonstrate that this unity is fundamental in Nature. [we are all one with nature - pantheism]
  • To form an active brotherhood among men. [their version of Church]
  • To study ancient and modern religion, science, and philosophy. [wisdom based - Gnosticism, the do-what-you-wantism with freedom of conscience, one religion is as good as another]
  • To investigate the powers innate in man. [be a 'god']

This time around it was coupled with "media" and films, groups of humanitarian based organizations concerned with the advancement or enlightenment of humanity as a whole as well as fantasy film and media. Spiritualists and mediums on TV, channelers, web based organizations and groups promoting evolutionary and revolutionary thought (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the awakener and Saturn representing limits and boundaries).

In the last 14 years many "false flag" events, staged for show ( Neptune opposed Leo, the act, the play, the actor on the stage) and removed the ability or "limitations" of the group to discern clearly exactly WHAT is taking place while promoting a feeling of "connectiveness" on a higher level. this was experienced as losing ones self to the whole or release of the individual to the thoughts or wishes of the MANY.

Depending on a persons age this transit either enhanced spiritual capabilities and/or promoted a sense of false security based on "hazy" circumstances or forced a person to deal with issues of EGO surrender to an event/ or events that affected the integrity of the ability of the person to move forward with confidence due to unsettling situations promoting a sense of loss of self within the "whole" of humanity. Drugs and addictions to sense numbing agents or sense enhancing agents- PROZAC, EXSTACY, video games and role playing games like SIMS, SECOND LIFE, "screen names" vs real persona, sci fi and fantasy based series on TV, the return of SUPERHERO films and tv shows like ALIEN, V, AVATAR, BATMAN, CATWOMAN, etc. 

This energy was unsettling to a degree where many new "syndromes" and psychological affectations emerged in the sensitive and drugs and paranoia as well as newly emerged virus's and epidemics were promoted to 'medicate" if not sedate the people who were undergoing the most intense trans formative effects of this transit.

"The flip side of Neptune is the desire to “escape” from life, through playing the sufferer, victim or martyr role by giving away our power to someone or something. Then Neptune’s creative brilliance turns into addictions and addictive behaviors as an escape mechanism. Now we’ve entered Neptune’s realm of confusion, deception, delusion, fantasy, illusion, deceit, despair, and hysteria.

Neptune Rules:
Oil, chemicals, gases, poisons and pollution; contagious diseases
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco
Hospitals, institutions, prisons, and places of retreat
The Arts; photography and film; mythology and magic
Advertising/promotion; glamour"

Neptune will "blur" the lines between illusion and reality and in some people promote a "sleepiness" or powerlessness to defend self against perceived threats. Neptune is not all negative, but extremely receptive and/or deceptive in those people who have issues clearly defining SELF. Neptune acts UNCONSCIOUSLY so those who have susceptibility need to improve their "armour" or shields to effectively utilize the higher energies.

CURRENT below,
Mars enters CANCER August 3, while MERCURY goes RETROGRADE.
MERCURY is the RULER of Gemini and Virgo-- Neptune is opposing MERCURY ( in LEO) and NEPTUNE is on the cusp of PISCES backing into AQUARIUS.
This retrograde will affect GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES, COMMERCE, the WORKFORCE, CONGRESS and INSTITUTIONS as well as the "vehicles necessary to get the job done".
Keep your mind on the road and eliminate distractions from your planned course- metaphorically and literally!
DRIVE CAREFULLY and do not attempt to cross running water if this situation presents itself - flooding of bridges and roadways, washed out bridges, overflowing levees, all possibilities with the astrological weather expectations of NEPTUNE returning to AQUARIUS and SATURN in LIBRA ( connections and bridges, boundaries, trains ).

We will return to the world of FANTASY and illusions, deception and false flag "events" staged for show. NEPTUNE was last in Aquarius from January of 1998 until February of 2011.The birth of the internet ( connected thought or telepathy) groupthink and groupspeak, escapist "reality" shows/ sci-fi and space exploration, proliferation of Prozac and antidepressant drug prescription and increase in usage,"weird" epidemics, spiritualist and seance type "connections" and channels in the mainstream, will again be featured and revisited at a time when practical thinking and real time issues demand our attention.

MARS WILL NOT PLAY NICE IN CANCER! Male aggression meets female passivity ( with a twist...URANUS the game changer and ERIS the disrupter!!) this will not be an easy transit for MANY MANY people, the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is only one event showcasing violence against children and denial of subsistence fom "authorities". Please be mindful of your own child or children during this transit * 2 plus months.

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