Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fan0fFacts forecast about Phallas Athene Goddess daughter of Wisdom

Pallas Athene, one of the "goddess" asteroids moves back into the business minded sign of Capricorn today. this is yet another switch in the feminine principle noted in the news by stories of "high profile women" finding their voices in a "testy" astrological climate dominated by flighty asteroids and planets in the midst of recent sign changes. 

Mothers, wives, daughters and "women's" work will become more of a theme in the collective with serious overtones of "manifesting substance in a climate of lack " and becoming an "authority". This should assist in the creative process where past confusion over boundaries created artificial "limits" that have prevented an easy flow of self directed energy, an energy that may appear to others to be lacking in feelings or based on "getting the job done" despite the odds and in many cases, because of them.

Pallas Athene guides wisdom and creative principles (the Arts of civilization) and is not immune to using what is considered a male centered approach. As Minerva (another Pallas identity) her visage graces a large painting of George Washington in the "eye" of the Capitol rotunda, as he is flanked by other maidens ( the 13 original colonies) and " rises to heaven" as a God. Pallas is a war goddess and a patron of wisdom attended by her shield and owl, denoting wisdom and a need to defend principles to "civilize" men. Pallas can "disappear" in female form altogether when challenged using her wits and defensive posture more in line to that of a man if need be. 

In Capricorn Pallas will have an affinity to the "tenth house" of power and success. Good news for Capricorns and Capricorn rising signs that have felt battered and defeated as of late. Pallas remains in Capricorn until October 26, 2011.

Pallas Athene in the Tenth:

You have a strong destiny to achieve recognition in the public and professional arena. In a woman's chart it often indicates a person who has chosen career rather than family life, and focuses enormous creativity and dedication into her work. In any chart, it suggests a person who is motivated and creative in accomplishing their goals and gaining recognition for their contributions.

Pallas Athena

The war goddess of the ancient Greeks was Athena often called Pallas Athena, or simply Pallas. The Romans identified her as Minerva and ranked her third among their gods, after Jupiter and Juno. Athena was also worshiped as the goddess of wisdom and of crafts, especially spinning and weaving.
According to mythology, Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus. She was said to have sprung from his head full grown and clothed in armor. The goddess was usually shown wearing a helmet and carrying a spear and shield. Like her father, she also wore the magic aegis a goatskin breastplate, fringed with snakes, that produced thunderbolts when shaken. Athena was very different from the war god Ares. She represented the intellectual and civilized side of war she was not so much a fighter as a wise and prudent adviser.
Athena was regarded as the protector of all cities and states. She was wise not only in war but also in the arts of peace. She supposedly invented the plow and taught men how to yoke oxen.
Athens became the most important seat of the worship of Athena. Zeus had decreed that the city should be given to the god who offered the most useful gift to the people. Poseidon gave them the horse. Athena struck the bare soil with her spear and caused an olive tree to spring up. The people were so delighted with the olive that Zeus gave the city to Athena and named it after her. Athena is often shown with an olive branch, a symbol of peace and plenty.
On the hill of the Acropolis the Athenians built a beautiful temple to Athena called the Parthenon (from parthenos, meaning . In the temple stood the ivory and gold statue called the Athena Parthenos, by Phidias, the greatest Greek sculptor.The Athenians held their most important festival, the Panathenaea, on the day considered to be the goddess' birthday. It was celebrated by a procession, sacrifices, and games.

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