Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transparency and truth, integrity and honesty will come at a premium.

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Hold on we're in for a very rough ride.........

Pluto in Capricorn makes an exact square today to Uranus in Aries. To say we have not noticed intense changes taking place within the last few years since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2007/2008 is to admit we are using escape hatches that prevent us from taking off the blinders that Neptune in Aquarius ushered in circa 1997/98. Neptune promotes surrender, release and dissolution en masse and one common theme of Neptune in Aquarius has been to remove us from the individual capacity to react, blunting our responses by blurring the lines between rational thought and self centered activity through mind desensitizing and sensational addictive imagery and agents ( chemical, drug induced, hallucinatory, weird and spacey) and humanitarian crisis.

The internet is part of this "connected yet separate" feeling and promoted a sense of security in numbers, groupthink, groupspeak, trust in individuals who we knew nothing more about then a screen name and an "avatar", and was deployed by many individuals and groups who asked for money and personal information for purposes other then their publicized intent.

We are seeing the fallout of this "mind connection" daily with stories of hacked information from social networking sites and the sites themselves have become suspect, if not the originators of the networks, as to motive and purpose, and operational objectives are revealing connections to data mining companies and larger organizations who "oversee" information security. 

Pluto will take no prisoners and in Capricorn is forcing whatever "bad habits" accumulative over that time period to ooze up from the cracks in the structures allowing us to let go of whatever overlying artifices we "thought" were secure and foundational to undergo transformation. In this process deep psychological decaying material is purged and exposed to the daylight so it can be dealt with in full view of the conscious state. This includes disinfo, rumors, secrets and lies.

Bloggers and publishers of alternative news are feeling the sting as more and more channels of information are shut down or scrutinized for content and subscriber information. Media at large has been exposed (Rupert Murdoch) and continuation of this theme is expected with Neptune back in Aquarius until February of 2012. Identity, security, and trust are at the forefront of this issue.

Uranus in Aries has changed the balance of power, personal and at the very source. Misuse of personal power and past associations are spotlighted now. How you project yourself (the ACT) is being "watched" and seeing others portray themselves as something totally different than they really are will not serve much longer. Who you are, what you are, and why you are and the psychological underlying motivation behind your actions will rise to the surface during these transits. 

Transparency and truth, integrity and honesty will come at a premium. 
The true value of life is to experience it in the flesh with both eyes open and both feet on the ground. Do not be misled. Don't accept any wooden nickels.

The true value of currency is that it is backed by something tangible. A heart of gold, an ounce of gold... and what lies in the balance...

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