Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Helping the Homeless in Inland Empire California

I've been watching some videos on youtube by george4title a guy in the Inland Empire area interviewing the homeless and jobless community.

Since I'm a human who likes to be part of a solution then what I have proposed to do is set up some community help centers to help the homeless and jobless learn other ways to generate what they need to survive and have sustainable living.

If you're at all able to make a donation of any kind clothes, blankets, hygene products anything you would have that's extra please email me with I want to help in the title subject line to MonicaWatsonLeader@gmail.com for CASH donations please use my chip in at the bottom of the page.

If we are to have solutions to these problems and help people have HOPE again in one another, then those that are able to share some kindness and share some of their hope with them, let's do that! I can't continue to watch what's going on in my home town and not extend some type of help.

I ask that you see if you're able to do the same in your own communities. If we can extend help to other nations in times of need then let's do it for our own back yard! There are families out there with no food, water or shelter. If we can not take care of our own family of human brother and sisters then what are we doing on the planet?

Thanks for your time and energies!