Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Staying conscious with Neptune in Aquarius!

This is the final time that we will live through the planet Neptune ( fantasy, dreams, the unconscious ) transiting ( traveling through) the constellation of Aquarius ( 11th house of humanity) for the next 165 years. After February of 2012 Neptune will move into the sign that it rules over, Pisces, considered the cradle of humanity and the womb of our unconscious existence. Neptune and the planet Uranus conjuncted * met at the same degree* over a period of 5 years or so in Capricorn on and off with the aspect *formation* becoming exact several times around 1992/1993. 

This is a one time event in our current astrological focus that only occurs every 171 years. People born under this Neptune/Uranus conjunction are ... DIFFERENT.

From astrologer Alan Oken this aspect = INTUITION UNITES WITH ILLUMINATION:
"The conjunction of these two planets in an individual who can respond to their vibration results in raising their consciousness to another level. It gives great abilities in the mystic and the occult."

In astrology the discovery and recognition of planetary bodies is more than a scientific event. Planets, when "visible and recognized" become available for use in our mass counsciousness- not that they haven't existed previously, but they are now ACTIVE as far as how they affect humanity, and the individual is receptive according to his or her own planetary make up as evidenced in an astrological chart. Heightened sensitivity as hypersenses have been awakened in each and every one of us since we all have a part of our charts that CAPRICORN presides over.

According to astrologer Sandy Anastazi: transits are triggers, progressions are unfoldment. 

In other words, if you have planets or points ( example, ascendant) in Capricorn the transit and conjunction of Neptune and Uranus were TRIGGERS to utilize this ability, if your progressed planets meet at this point it is the UNFOLDMENT of the ability based on your original placement and scheme of Neptune and Uranus in your birth chart.

Capricorn in the natural zodiac resonates to the tenth house of status, public face, legacy, the corporate "structure", the ares of governance of the thing/being/undetarking, the ultimate AUTHORITY, the "father", the CEO or Prime Minister, President, Head of the STATE. Capricorn is ruled by SATURN/KRONOS the keeper of time, the grim reaper.

Thanks to Fan0fFacts for this information!

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