Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing about you is by accident...

The message for you to ponder over and think about is...What if I was made this way?

Nothing about you was made by accident. You were created equipped and well abled. Stop thinking you don't have what it takes.  See yourself as strong, equipped, empowered, a master piece creation, Spirit in the flesh, and the most Divine Creation on the planet.

Follow your Divine destiny you are here to do.  No one else was created for that purpose or task but you. Stop sitting on the sidelines of life and get back in the game.  Get your fire back and get your DREAMS back!

Everything you have at your disposal was created on purpose. Work with your Divine self in the process not against yourself.  Don't hold on to your flaws or defects you think you your greatest cheer leader!  Stay in the positive!  When you accept and approve of yourself then you make your faith effective.

Your history is not your destiny.  That which was formed against you will be used to will be used to propel you forward.  Stop taking your inventory of your negative traits you think you have. When you say "I like myself just the way I am!"  it is a powerful statement.  It releases the chains that bind us in bondage from negative self talk on the other side. 

When we are not living who we were created to be then we are holding back our beauty of our Divine self from others.  Love one another by loving and forgiving yourself first.   See yourself as strong, equipped, and empowered.

Remember when you take care of yourself first and honor yourself then you are in all ways always honoring the Divine in you.

Take 5 mins out of your day to honor yourself and build from there.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting up with my first post for my new journey...

I've finally been able to be in a place to start my true passion in life and that's being a Spiritual Life Stylist for my brothers and sisters of the human race.

It is time to be bold and brave so that we can become again the land of the free and home of the brave, worldwide.

Here's how I'm navigating my contribution.  Let me start off with a powerful poem I found but don't recall where I got it from.


Our deepest fear is Not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

We ask our self who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually who are you, NOT to BE all that?

We were born to make manifest the glory of God/Great Spirit within us and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same!

Learn to brighten your light, if yours has dimmed down over time then let's work together to BRIGHTEN YOUR LIGHT BACK UP AGAIN.

What my intentions as a Spiritual Life Stylist?  I'd like to expose you to some different information that I've come across in my life that has helped and is continuing to help me.

I've been doing online research and information study for over 15 years to learn how to heal my mind body and spirit.

I'm looking forward to sharing and meeting with you all.  Here's just a few of the topics we'll be covering over the next few months.

With all the changes coming up in the world that have been discussed by my good friend and astrologer Fan0fFacts,  I thought these were some good things to start with.

A. How to make peace for yourself.  As women we wear too many hats in one day to serve others in our family and daily life.  Learn new ideas to free time up for you first.

B. Cleanse your body and free your mind and the rest will follow.

C. Balance of mind body and Spirit through Natural products.  Learn how your kitchen is your best friend!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ceres the Goddess of Agriculture

Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, and the love a mother bears for her child.  She was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, the sister of Jupiter, and the mother of Proserpine.  Ceres was a kind and benevolent goddess to the Romans and they had a common expression, "fit for Ceres," which meant splendid. 
Ceres, the goddess of agriculture
She was beloved for her service to mankind in giving them the gift of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil. Also known as the Greek goddess Demeter, Ceres was the goddess of the harvest and was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain and corn. She was thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land.
Ceres was the only one of the gods who was involved on a day-to-day basis in the lives of the common folk. While others occasionally "dabbled" in human affairs when it suited their personal interests, or came to the aid of "special" mortals they favored, the goddess Ceres was truly the nurturer of mankind.
Ceres was worshipped at her temple on the Aventine Hill, one of the Seven Hills of ancient Rome.  Her festival, the Cerealia, was celebrated on April 19.  Another special time for Ceres was Ambarvalia, a Roman agricultural fertility rite held at the end of May. Ceres is portrayed holding a scepter or farming tool in one hand and a basket of flowers, fruits, or grain in the other.  She may also be wearing a garland made from ears of corn.
The Romans explained the turning of the seasons with the following story:  Ceres was the sister of Jupiter, and Proserpine was their daughter.  Proserpine was kidnapped by Pluto, god of the underworld, to be his bride.  By the time Ceres followed her daughter, she was gone into the earth.  Making matters worse, Ceres learned that Pluto had been given Jupiter's approval to be the husband of his daughter.  Ceres was so angry that she went to live in the world of men, disguised as an old woman, and stopped all the plants and crops from growing, causing a famine.  Jupiter and the other gods tried to get her to change her mind but she was adamant.  Jupiter eventually realized that he had to get Proserpine back from the underworld, and sent for her.  Unfortunately, Pluto secretly gave her food before she left, and once one had eaten in the underworld one could not forever leave.  Proserpine was therefore forced to return to the underworld for four months every year.  She comes out in spring and spends the time until autumn with Ceres, but has to go back to the underworld in the winter.  Her parting from Ceres every fall is why plants lose their leaves, seeds lie dormant under the ground, and nothing grows until spring when Proserpine is reunited with her mother.

Article found on google search on website:

More from our Fan 0f Facts:
Ceres the Great Mother message
We will be sure to see stories of war orphans, children who survive family tragedies, heroic or quick thinking children who somehow rise to the occasion in a traumatic situation or "revolutionary" children. Old themes of "abandonment" or fending for yourself may surface especially if you are experiencing a relationship rift or have divorce memories from childhood. Birthdays in very late Aries and early Taurus, as well as those close to 22 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will experience some of these "relationship" themes, if not the central theme itself, as the midpoint of the Cardinal cross falls across this axis, and Mercury retrograde will cross over the same.

... treachery with words, road rage, heated tempers and temperatures, trouble with relatives (including the passing on in some cases, moving out in others) disruptive travel and communications, electrical systems failures or car engine fires, choices in relationships (separation or reparation) media matters, and a general sense of tension and potential for problems in the neighborhood or in your " local" vicinity and with or involving relatives * siblings to extended * and/or close friends from early in your life ( old school chums, people you consider "close as family").
In predictive astrology 22 degrees is a degree portending violence, 29 degrees is the "end of the matter".

The eclipse of April 15, 1995 brought with it a number of disasters, not the least of which were deadly gas attacks by a terrorist cult on commuters in a Japanese subway, and the bombing of the federal office building in Oklahoma City by right-wing militia members. Now according to astrological theory, eclipses are 'seed times' or moments when the higher dominions make a fresh impress on the lower. Eclipses have an orb of influence, often showing effect beforehand when events are seemingly drawn toward a basin of attraction, and then leave residual traces in their wake. In the eclipse chart of April 15 we find the Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries opposite Moon in Libra and all three in T-square to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn/Aquarius, which also fell on the detrimental Saturn-Pluto midpoint. Among the other notable aspects for the eclipse was a Venus-Saturn conjunction which fell midpoint the Moon, and Mars in Leo, and a waxing sextile between Uranus and Pluto, which might have played a more minor role were it not for these two planets also being in antiscion.
Dennis Elwell was so convinced that a potentially dangerous situation was building (and it was!) that he went public with a prediction saying there would be a crop of maritime disasters surrounding that eclipse. His confidence was boosted by the realization that the eclipse fell on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter returning to their places held previously at the time the mighty ship went down. Uranus was to become stationary that month, and at the precise degree of Aquarius that was rising at the time of the sinking. There was indeed a slight up-surgence of emergencies at sea in the months preceding the eclipse, including the loss of the Achille Lauro, but nothing of the sort near the magnitude prophesied.
As it happened, I have maintained a correspondence with Dennis for some years and I wrote to him on the day of the eclipse about the non-occurrence of the predicted disaster. I wanted to make the point that 'disasters' had happened elsewhere which could clearly be linked to the eclipse. This is the relevant paragraph:
"I've noticed that the April 15 eclipse also has a lot to say about the subway gassing in Japan. According to 'Bills', the nation of Japan is ruled by Libra - and this eclipse, as you know, takes place across Aries-Libra with the Sun conj Mercury - transport. Sun/Merc opp moon are T-square Neptune. Neptune not only rules ships and the sea, but 'gasses' as well. Neptune in mutual reception with Saturn (in draconic-Leo) - a cold-hearted religious fanatic espousing an apocalyptic doctrine? - Neptune is still conj Uranus - the 'out-of-the-blue' gas attack - and they are both draconic-Gemini - transport again."
About 10 days later a sceptical friend of mine reading that paragraph pointed out that he was mildly impressed by the links to the Japan gas attack, but not overwhelmed as it was, after all a retrospective view. But, he pointed out, what was much more impressive was that with hardly any 'tweaking' at all, the same paragraph could be read as a graphic prediction of what took place just 3 days later - the horrific bombing in Oklahoma City. And, of course, he was right. Without intending to, by describing the Japanese events I was also unwittingly predicting the Oklahoma bomb.
Now, focusing astrologically for a moment on the two aforementioned calamities, we can see how the aspects of the eclipse chart have a lot to say about both. According to Bills, the nation of Japan is ruled by Libra, and this was of course the axis across which the eclipse took place. Aries-Libra is also descriptive of remonstrance in both cases. The Sun fell conjunct Mercury - transport, as in commuters, or office workers and vehicles, such as vans - in T-square to Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn - the 'out-of- the-blue gas attack by the followers of a religious fanatic espousing an apocalyptic doctrine'. But Neptune not only rules gasses, it also rules chemical fertilizer and gasoline, the components of the bomb used in Oklahoma City. The eclipse of April 15 fell across the horizon at sunrise in Oklahoma City, in T-square to a 10th house Uranus-Neptune conjunction, with Mars (aggression, injury, bombings, fire) in the 5th house (children) by the Koch and Placidus systems. Bills gives rulership of Oklahoma City to Leo, and it is worth noting too that Mars in Leo was exactly at nadir for the moment of the blast. Venus-Saturn conjunct and midpoint Moon-Mars - cold-hearted attacks by right-wing militants on the populace. Saturn-Venus - the federal building, government real estate. Uranus-Pluto - radical upheaval - and, in both of these cases, the surprising abruptness of terrorist activities. Pluto, of course, is both the 'underground' and the carnage as well. These events were all astrologically linked to the eclipse that April - in fact, the day of the Oklahoma City bombing there was a second gassing in a Japanese subway.

worth repeating...

Witnesses describe scene of terror at Norway camp

SUNDVOLLEN, Norway (AP) — The man in the police uniform shouted for the campers to come closer. When they did, he killed them.
The gunman who killed at least 80 people at an island youth camp northwest of Oslo used his disguise to lure in his victims, then shot them twice to make sure they were dead, survivors said in the village of Sundvollen, where they were taken after the massacre.
"I saw many dead people," said 15-year old Elise, whose father, Vidar Myhre, didn't want her to disclose her last name. She just feet away from the gunman when he opened fire in the camp on Utoya island.
Elise said she had just come out from an information meeting in a nearby building when she heard gunshots. She saw a police officer and thought she was safe, but then he started shooting.
"He first shot people on the island. Afterward he started shooting people in the water," she said.
Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. "I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock," she said.
In panic, the girl phoned her parents, whispering to them what was going on.
"They told me not to panic and that everything would be OK." Her parents also told her to get rid of a brightly colored jacket she was wearing to not draw attention to herself.
She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop

APNewsBreak: Oslo bomb was 'Oklahoma City-type'

.OSLO, Norway (AP) — A police official has told The Associated Press that the bomb used in the attack at the Norwegian prime minister's office was "some kind of Oklahoma City-type" device made of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
The official said it remains unclear what kind of detonator was used for the bomb, which investigators say was packed into a panel truckand killed at least seven people when it went off.
The official was speaking on condition of anonymity because the information has not been formally released.
A 4,000 pound (1,815 kilogram) fertilizer-and-fuel-oil bomb detonated in front of a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168 people.

Neptune, representing "the Unseen" and illusions is in a long lasting septile configuration ( 51 degrees apart ) to Pluto the "Transformer". Septiles are considered FATED, WILD CARDS, strange and unforeseen circumstances will occur and we must be attendant to our own purpose and mission in life to take advantage of them when they happen to discern what exactly is being offered. Neptune is hovering over the 00point of Pisces so, again, as it backtracks into Aquarius ( the "collective" of humanity, 11th sign of the zodiac, society, groups, humanitarians, fraternal organizations, the " Brotherhood). The collective will experience "forks in the road" that will be intuited by those with higher vibratory reasoning abilities- the majority of the "group" will not get the message or will be drawn into deception by the media ( films, advertising false claims, channels and mediums, sleight of hand artists ) and this will include OUR OWN GOVERNMENT- Pluto in CAPRICORN affects those in power ( the Powers that be, leaders, heads of state, of the organization )- Pluto is retrograde until September of 2011 and in retrograde exposes toxic situations that must be brought into the light to purge or release, for all of us personally. 
MARS WILL ENTER THE SIGN OF CANCER SHORTLY...reactivating the CARDINAL CROSS of dynamic changes and tension, affecting us  "where we live", how we live and who we live with. The storms you experience will be close to home and in the domestic sphere.

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From my great friend and Astrologer of events

Here is a very great post my friend did for us to all have a heads up for the next few months.  I always say pro active is better than re-active all ways always! :)


This is called Triggers and Eclipses By Fan0fFacts

In March of 2011 when Uranus and the sun met up in Aries a devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear event took place in Fukushima Japan.
Sun in Uranus at a glance message
" And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air..." 
Nothing describes the upcoming aspects surrounding the Uranus/Sun conjunction better...after the nervous Full moon in Virgo opposite the sun in the last degrees of Pisces we will hearken the arrival of the sun at the Aries point. As you know, 00 degrees of Aries is where the personal meets the public eye- the events that become "signatures" or the sign of the times.

Several aspects, long lasting and transitory, will make this month (and at the very least, the entire next two months) a series of attention grabbing, HEADLINE news featuring explosive and incendiary events. The sun will meet Uranus in Aries EVERY YEAR ( for the next 7/8 years) in degrees further along and continue to CHANGE what was- for all of us. 
What happened 84 years ago in 1927 when Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Aries? 
Earthquake Japan

A whopper of an eclipse occurred in the sign of Cancer on July 22 of 2009 in the last degree of Cancer, 29 degrees, the anaretic degree- highly spiritual in esoteric astrology- the "end of the line" in mundane astrology- in a sign representing incarnating souls, life on our "Mothership", the mass consciousness of humanity and the depth of interior life, HOME ( and all that encapsulates, soul family, family within/without, nurturance available for existence and survival, mothering or "primary" parent issues). This "house" represents what is hidden from you, yourself, as it is a hidden part of the natural zodiac/ the Nadir, the midnight of the soul in the natural fourth house ruled by the moon.


In a personal chart the same corresponding degree and placement in a chart is the final release- the ending of the matter, death. 
This eclipse delivered the message "Our way of life can no longer exist in the present condition." The 29th degree of Cancer has been ACTIVATED and is triggered by the eclipse degree ANYTIME another planet makes an aspect to IT effecting life on the planet until approx 2016 (seven years past the 2009 "born on" date). The areas of life affected include oceanic life, domestic and womens concerns ( children, safety, food, subsistence and nurturance, birth, childcare, programs that "deliver" these services for same, HOME and mother, FEMA, national security and identification ( the USA has a Cancer sun- national identity) food safety, nutrition for children and babies, WIC, TANF, and programs helping families women and children in the wake of financial
disasters ESPECIALLY in the wake of manmade and natural disasters involving voluntary and involuntary pollution of water/hurricanes/flooding, etc> short list) Fracking, flouride, oil spill, dead zone in the gulf, new organisms affecting sea life and water supply, droughts and floods all figure prominently. 

MERCURY is now in Cancer, Mercury in the environment/ coal burning plant emissions, hydroelectric power, messages from the past, history repeating itself, Watergate or Whitewatergate,  food allergies and metals in food, (drugs, vitamins and supplements ) the purity of milk and dairy products/ infant formulas, vaccination news, news affecting children and children's programs,( ESP early education, head start, birth to three years old, vaccine or WIC or TANF related) will be the order of the day. Immigration and anchor babies and the draft or support to military families are another line of interest. Housing and the economy and mortgage related/banking related issues, "securities" and trade, and a return to a scandal relating to the same. Banks are continuing to close, nest eggs and retirement income and /or pensions will be discussed or in need of attention. FOOD SCARCITY will be a continuing subject, drought or flood related.  

We have had the 29th degree stimulated over and over with six consecutive full moons in ascending order- the universe's way of showing us we must release and surrender parts of our emotional inheritance ( moon is mother and emotional inherited tendencies applying to how we view self care and care taking of others, what is necessary for survival, what we HUNGER for) and now is the time to face whatever limitations, self imposed or assumed, that we CARRY as emotional baggage and feed into- or feed- to allow ourselves to feel "familiar" or comforted in situations where we know we must stand on our two feet. Developmentally this is the first time you differentiate yourself from your mother separate from symbiosis where you are in utero, and when you experience the beginnings of self movement-you STAND alone, you take a step.

Eclipse of  June 15 message

The Jupiterian feel of the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius, 24 degrees ( June 15 ) will have an effect that opens or expands the emotions and intuition, and forces an expression, however exaggerated it may be, allowing us to release whatever judgments and self critical attitudes we have accumulated that have prevented us from becoming fully "integrated" as universal beings. These value judgments most likely stem from early conditioning- popular belief systems, the "status quo", leftovers from our early experiences, the "peer group", or message through medium (social conditioning, labels we give ourselves and others) and employs self sabotage techniques in some way.
We have been forced to acknowledge some type of deception, self induced/ inherited or through an associate that may amount to a sort of "betrayal", that prevented us from moving on ( since the recent Gemini eclipse). In the worldview this applies to messages from the media and those who present us with the "facts- or facts of life". Wisdom and a holistic viewpoint are necessary attributes for those who have been feeling stuck or hemmed in by limiting circumstances. A trip to the country or mini vacation in a natural setting will help to refresh those who are chained to a desk or electronic leashes! 

The eclipse in Gemini continues to reveal areas in our lives where messages have been distorted, clouded by illusion or fantasy, have been based on false or faulty assumptions, or self limiting messages that no longer "fit" or make sense and details will continue to emerge as the eclipses face other aspects to enable us to use our "higher powers" of discernment to winnow through the choices that will be offered as Saturn continues to wind it's direct motion through the sign of partner oriented Libra until October 2012.

There will be opportunities to open new doors as old obstacles have fallen away and contacts from the recent past may show up once more to extend a helping hand or ask you for a favor. Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on June 17. Historical perspectives or overtones, history "repeating", replaying the past in a sentimental way, "feeling" family or family oriented activities and remembrances and patriotic/patriarchal/ national allegiances or connections may be tested or stressed. 

This is an excellent time to make peace if you are in a position to do so. The ties that bind are becoming unraveled and many souls are crossing over as we approach the trigger points for the upcoming and most recent Cancer eclipses. 

Ceres the Great Mother message
We will be sure to see stories of war orphans, children who survive family tragedies, heroic or quick thinking children who somehow rise to the occasion in a traumatic situation or "revolutionary" children. Old themes of "abandonment" or fending for yourself may surface especially if you are experiencing a relationship rift or have divorce memories from childhood. Birthdays in very late Aries and early Taurus, as well as those close to 22 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will experience some of these "relationship" themes, if not the central theme itself, as the midpoint of the Cardinal cross falls across this axis, and Mercury retrograde will cross over the same.


A REPEAT OF DEVASTATING EARTH CHANGES or THOSE RELATING TO SELF CARE ( Jupiter in Taurus- what you want or think you "deserve" vs what you really NEED to be self sufficient. CHILDREN STANDING ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET.

MESSAGES will clarify after MERCURY goes direct, on AUGUST 26 and we will see repercussive events close to what we are experiencing and what was revealed in MARCH.
TOKYO (AP) — A strong earthquake has jolted northeastern Japan, the same region devastated by March's massive quake and tsunami.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the Saturday afternoon quake, and notsunami warning was issued.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.4 quake was centered 22 miles (36 kilometers) below the sea bed in the Pacific Ocean, 257 miles (414 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo — in the same area where more than 22,000 people were killed or went missing after the March 11 quake and tsunami.