Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fan0fFacts forecast about Phallas Athene Goddess daughter of Wisdom

Pallas Athene, one of the "goddess" asteroids moves back into the business minded sign of Capricorn today. this is yet another switch in the feminine principle noted in the news by stories of "high profile women" finding their voices in a "testy" astrological climate dominated by flighty asteroids and planets in the midst of recent sign changes. 

Mothers, wives, daughters and "women's" work will become more of a theme in the collective with serious overtones of "manifesting substance in a climate of lack " and becoming an "authority". This should assist in the creative process where past confusion over boundaries created artificial "limits" that have prevented an easy flow of self directed energy, an energy that may appear to others to be lacking in feelings or based on "getting the job done" despite the odds and in many cases, because of them.

Pallas Athene guides wisdom and creative principles (the Arts of civilization) and is not immune to using what is considered a male centered approach. As Minerva (another Pallas identity) her visage graces a large painting of George Washington in the "eye" of the Capitol rotunda, as he is flanked by other maidens ( the 13 original colonies) and " rises to heaven" as a God. Pallas is a war goddess and a patron of wisdom attended by her shield and owl, denoting wisdom and a need to defend principles to "civilize" men. Pallas can "disappear" in female form altogether when challenged using her wits and defensive posture more in line to that of a man if need be. 

In Capricorn Pallas will have an affinity to the "tenth house" of power and success. Good news for Capricorns and Capricorn rising signs that have felt battered and defeated as of late. Pallas remains in Capricorn until October 26, 2011.

Pallas Athene in the Tenth:

You have a strong destiny to achieve recognition in the public and professional arena. In a woman's chart it often indicates a person who has chosen career rather than family life, and focuses enormous creativity and dedication into her work. In any chart, it suggests a person who is motivated and creative in accomplishing their goals and gaining recognition for their contributions.

Pallas Athena

The war goddess of the ancient Greeks was Athena often called Pallas Athena, or simply Pallas. The Romans identified her as Minerva and ranked her third among their gods, after Jupiter and Juno. Athena was also worshiped as the goddess of wisdom and of crafts, especially spinning and weaving.
According to mythology, Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus. She was said to have sprung from his head full grown and clothed in armor. The goddess was usually shown wearing a helmet and carrying a spear and shield. Like her father, she also wore the magic aegis a goatskin breastplate, fringed with snakes, that produced thunderbolts when shaken. Athena was very different from the war god Ares. She represented the intellectual and civilized side of war she was not so much a fighter as a wise and prudent adviser.
Athena was regarded as the protector of all cities and states. She was wise not only in war but also in the arts of peace. She supposedly invented the plow and taught men how to yoke oxen.
Athens became the most important seat of the worship of Athena. Zeus had decreed that the city should be given to the god who offered the most useful gift to the people. Poseidon gave them the horse. Athena struck the bare soil with her spear and caused an olive tree to spring up. The people were so delighted with the olive that Zeus gave the city to Athena and named it after her. Athena is often shown with an olive branch, a symbol of peace and plenty.
On the hill of the Acropolis the Athenians built a beautiful temple to Athena called the Parthenon (from parthenos, meaning . In the temple stood the ivory and gold statue called the Athena Parthenos, by Phidias, the greatest Greek sculptor.The Athenians held their most important festival, the Panathenaea, on the day considered to be the goddess' birthday. It was celebrated by a procession, sacrifices, and games.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Staying conscious with Neptune in Aquarius!

This is the final time that we will live through the planet Neptune ( fantasy, dreams, the unconscious ) transiting ( traveling through) the constellation of Aquarius ( 11th house of humanity) for the next 165 years. After February of 2012 Neptune will move into the sign that it rules over, Pisces, considered the cradle of humanity and the womb of our unconscious existence. Neptune and the planet Uranus conjuncted * met at the same degree* over a period of 5 years or so in Capricorn on and off with the aspect *formation* becoming exact several times around 1992/1993. 

This is a one time event in our current astrological focus that only occurs every 171 years. People born under this Neptune/Uranus conjunction are ... DIFFERENT.

From astrologer Alan Oken this aspect = INTUITION UNITES WITH ILLUMINATION:
"The conjunction of these two planets in an individual who can respond to their vibration results in raising their consciousness to another level. It gives great abilities in the mystic and the occult."

In astrology the discovery and recognition of planetary bodies is more than a scientific event. Planets, when "visible and recognized" become available for use in our mass counsciousness- not that they haven't existed previously, but they are now ACTIVE as far as how they affect humanity, and the individual is receptive according to his or her own planetary make up as evidenced in an astrological chart. Heightened sensitivity as hypersenses have been awakened in each and every one of us since we all have a part of our charts that CAPRICORN presides over.

According to astrologer Sandy Anastazi: transits are triggers, progressions are unfoldment. 

In other words, if you have planets or points ( example, ascendant) in Capricorn the transit and conjunction of Neptune and Uranus were TRIGGERS to utilize this ability, if your progressed planets meet at this point it is the UNFOLDMENT of the ability based on your original placement and scheme of Neptune and Uranus in your birth chart.

Capricorn in the natural zodiac resonates to the tenth house of status, public face, legacy, the corporate "structure", the ares of governance of the thing/being/undetarking, the ultimate AUTHORITY, the "father", the CEO or Prime Minister, President, Head of the STATE. Capricorn is ruled by SATURN/KRONOS the keeper of time, the grim reaper.

Thanks to Fan0fFacts for this information!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Full moon info for 8/13/2011 Leo and Aquas!

Full Moon forecast from Fan0fFacts 8/13/2011

This Aquarian full moon ( August 13, 2011, is taking place at a momentus time in our history as life forms on this planet. Aquarius is the sign of inventive genius, sometimes the mad scientist other times the radical reformer. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Aquarius' own ruler, the "awakener" Uranus, joined Neptune the "dissolver" in Capricorn, the sign of Structure making an exact conjunction ( meeting at the same degree) in 1993.

Today Neptune sits OPPOSITE the fixed star Regulus, at 29 Leo, where it will remain until February of 2012, occupying the same degree ( the anaretic, or ending degree) as the last full moon of February 2011, when the moon was in Leo and the sun was illuminating the most spiritual degree of the Zodiac, 29 Aquarius. 
Full MoonFeb. 18, 201129° Leo/Aquarius
The infusion of this Neptunian energy opposing Mercury traveling backwards through Leo is working to remove us from ideas of self serving and haughty role playing that encouraged us to continue lording over the lesser souls in our planetary scenario, and is not going unnoticed and in the sensitive is felt on a much deeper subconscious level as a deep need to connect to the vast ocean of One-ness in dramas of the human heart. 

I feel your pain, I recognize and respect your divinity.

The dramas lately are explosive events accompanied by the "fireballs" of outward physical human activity, even seen in the activity of our own "heart" our physical sun. This is terribly unsettling for people who have not made the upward turn of the spiral in their evolutionary journey of consciousness uniting them to the return, the "Source" of all that is. The ejecta from the sun, primal plasma from our "star' or lifegiver on the planet contains the seeds of everything that is and everything that was, at First Cause. The initial fusion, the fuel of creation for our solar system.

Timing is everything. This full moon entertains echoes of past migrations of souls wishing to create utopian vistas fleeing social injustices in other times and in other lives. Ideals vs Ideas, Freedom from Tyranny, the Spiritual Initiation vs Right of Divine rule.
The King is dead, long live the King.
A Collective Unconscious Awakening- Edmond Wolman, Dell Horoscopes spring 1993 edition
"This new reality of course, depends on our ability to recognize that we create our reality totally, and that we alone possess the choice in the creation of our reality and experiences (Uranus). If we believe that physical reality exists outside of us empirically (Saturn), this recognition may be invalidated. If however, physical reality is seen as simply a focused dream (Saturn) and dream reality, or other dimensional consciousness as an expanded dream (Neptune), then the paradox that the conscious mind feels about these polarities and its "control" over them, is eased through the recognition of choice, either consciously or unconsciously at the portal marked by the orbit of Uranus.

The " unexpected" occurrences associated with Uranus by traditional "old world" astrologers, are simply forgotten choices, made at an unconscious level, that appear as "fate". The argument for determinism is destroyed by the existential recognition ofanother possibility. Primarily, this belief in reality and hierarchies outside of the self, comes through the expectations of conscious mind focus and judgment (Saturn). This transference of evaluations meant for physical survival as discernment, is an un-necessary restriction and crystallized ring remnant of the Capricorn power and hierarchy perspectives.1
By taking responsibility for our reality at Saturn, we acknowledge our choice in the creation of our reality at Uranus, which then allows for merging with a broader reality at Neptune, transition to this new reality at Chiron (that is the "healing") and recognize at Pluto that we are one with the ALL THAT IS.
Physical reality and dream reality are the aspects of the concept of reality. The polarity pair of "dreams". We co-fuse these dreams at Neptune. Uranus allows for the adhesion of this co-fusion.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transparency and truth, integrity and honesty will come at a premium.

Another post from my friend Fan0fFacts!

Hold on we're in for a very rough ride.........

Pluto in Capricorn makes an exact square today to Uranus in Aries. To say we have not noticed intense changes taking place within the last few years since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2007/2008 is to admit we are using escape hatches that prevent us from taking off the blinders that Neptune in Aquarius ushered in circa 1997/98. Neptune promotes surrender, release and dissolution en masse and one common theme of Neptune in Aquarius has been to remove us from the individual capacity to react, blunting our responses by blurring the lines between rational thought and self centered activity through mind desensitizing and sensational addictive imagery and agents ( chemical, drug induced, hallucinatory, weird and spacey) and humanitarian crisis.

The internet is part of this "connected yet separate" feeling and promoted a sense of security in numbers, groupthink, groupspeak, trust in individuals who we knew nothing more about then a screen name and an "avatar", and was deployed by many individuals and groups who asked for money and personal information for purposes other then their publicized intent.

We are seeing the fallout of this "mind connection" daily with stories of hacked information from social networking sites and the sites themselves have become suspect, if not the originators of the networks, as to motive and purpose, and operational objectives are revealing connections to data mining companies and larger organizations who "oversee" information security. 

Pluto will take no prisoners and in Capricorn is forcing whatever "bad habits" accumulative over that time period to ooze up from the cracks in the structures allowing us to let go of whatever overlying artifices we "thought" were secure and foundational to undergo transformation. In this process deep psychological decaying material is purged and exposed to the daylight so it can be dealt with in full view of the conscious state. This includes disinfo, rumors, secrets and lies.

Bloggers and publishers of alternative news are feeling the sting as more and more channels of information are shut down or scrutinized for content and subscriber information. Media at large has been exposed (Rupert Murdoch) and continuation of this theme is expected with Neptune back in Aquarius until February of 2012. Identity, security, and trust are at the forefront of this issue.

Uranus in Aries has changed the balance of power, personal and at the very source. Misuse of personal power and past associations are spotlighted now. How you project yourself (the ACT) is being "watched" and seeing others portray themselves as something totally different than they really are will not serve much longer. Who you are, what you are, and why you are and the psychological underlying motivation behind your actions will rise to the surface during these transits. 

Transparency and truth, integrity and honesty will come at a premium. 
The true value of life is to experience it in the flesh with both eyes open and both feet on the ground. Do not be misled. Don't accept any wooden nickels.

The true value of currency is that it is backed by something tangible. A heart of gold, an ounce of gold... and what lies in the balance...

If you feel as if all hell is breaking loose that's because it is...

There are so many things I'm reading this week about truth, loyalty and misuse of power.  Here's a quote from my latest read from Fan0fFacts. "Transparency and truth, integrity and honesty will come at a premium."

So I've been noticing more that I'm out in public more often now than before, that there is a lot of chaotic energies out there.  Everyone seems to be watching for the other shoe to drop so to speak and it's going to we all can feel it every where around us.

My hopes is that we can just do like we do with any crazy rides we go on.  Get in, buckle up, prepare as much as you're able to, and enjoy the ride...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's what else is effecting and affecting the planet and us!

Here are some more tid bits from Fan0fFacts:

Uranus the planet of freedom and excitement plays with the Moon in Sagittarius today, and Venus for a short while longer.
Enjoy the innocence of the pure joy of life for the moment. Relationships that sizzle during this transit may fall flat after the 16th when Venus separates from the romance of the Leo sun. Expensive items purchased at this time may get returned after the luster wears off and reality ( Saturn ) makes a connection to Venus turning the whole affair costly and serious!

Sweet freedom...but at a price for some.
The 22nd degree of any sign ( Aries to Pisces) in predictive and natal astrology is considered malevolent. Why this degree ? is owed to ancient astrological correspondences to events and fixed stars that "hold" the energy of the planets that influence that degree. It may be the event is embedded somehow, by resonance in the energies of that degree and passage of other bodies over that degree release the energy in relation to the body that passes over. In any event Venus and the sun will meet at 22 Leo on August 16 in the midst of a Mercury/sun/Venus conjunction (connection of all three bodies). 

21, 22, and 25 degrees of Leo are particularly violent and most likely do not presage a comfortable passage.

As the moon will pass over Scheat ( fixed star of desolation) at 29 degrees of Pisces on the same date I feel it is necessary to alert you to the possibility of financial disruption and one that will also possibility influence matters of the heart.
29 degrees of Pisces- the end of the matter.

Recalling that Black Moon Lilith ( oscillating lunar apogee = a point affixed by the moons nodes or ascending and descending degree in relation to the eclipses that are current) resides in Aries at 20 degrees this could be a very potent week for Venusian pursuits.

...and Venus will be heated up in every way possible.

What's going on with this moon by Fan0fFacts

Thanks sistah for this information!

Today the moon storms into Sagittarius. The unvarnished emotional depth of Scorpio gives way to the possibilities of optimism and hopes influenced by the pings of intuition that our world may have taken a small detour over the last few days that reveal something of a hidden destiny that yearns for, and must be supplied with, something bigger and better, still just out of reach, but somehow obtainable it we can just reset our bearings to shore up to a plan that is workable given the circumstances.

To say this is a small shift is to ignore the obvious. Many systems are just not working anymore. Partners and those whom you would normally be connected to with ease are also feeling the strain. This week will reveal much of what has been anticipated in the way of "breaking down" resistance to change and the usual avenues taken by rote, or routine, could have detour signs that prevent previous customary access.

Transparency and truth are imperative, on our part and on the part of the universal consciousness that is having a momentary break from being able to access clear and discernible data, unclouded by longings for "the easy way out".