Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's what else is effecting and affecting the planet and us!

Here are some more tid bits from Fan0fFacts:

Uranus the planet of freedom and excitement plays with the Moon in Sagittarius today, and Venus for a short while longer.
Enjoy the innocence of the pure joy of life for the moment. Relationships that sizzle during this transit may fall flat after the 16th when Venus separates from the romance of the Leo sun. Expensive items purchased at this time may get returned after the luster wears off and reality ( Saturn ) makes a connection to Venus turning the whole affair costly and serious!

Sweet freedom...but at a price for some.
The 22nd degree of any sign ( Aries to Pisces) in predictive and natal astrology is considered malevolent. Why this degree ? is owed to ancient astrological correspondences to events and fixed stars that "hold" the energy of the planets that influence that degree. It may be the event is embedded somehow, by resonance in the energies of that degree and passage of other bodies over that degree release the energy in relation to the body that passes over. In any event Venus and the sun will meet at 22 Leo on August 16 in the midst of a Mercury/sun/Venus conjunction (connection of all three bodies). 

21, 22, and 25 degrees of Leo are particularly violent and most likely do not presage a comfortable passage.

As the moon will pass over Scheat ( fixed star of desolation) at 29 degrees of Pisces on the same date I feel it is necessary to alert you to the possibility of financial disruption and one that will also possibility influence matters of the heart.
29 degrees of Pisces- the end of the matter.

Recalling that Black Moon Lilith ( oscillating lunar apogee = a point affixed by the moons nodes or ascending and descending degree in relation to the eclipses that are current) resides in Aries at 20 degrees this could be a very potent week for Venusian pursuits.

...and Venus will be heated up in every way possible.

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