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Full moon info for 8/13/2011 Leo and Aquas!

Full Moon forecast from Fan0fFacts 8/13/2011

This Aquarian full moon ( August 13, 2011, is taking place at a momentus time in our history as life forms on this planet. Aquarius is the sign of inventive genius, sometimes the mad scientist other times the radical reformer. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Aquarius' own ruler, the "awakener" Uranus, joined Neptune the "dissolver" in Capricorn, the sign of Structure making an exact conjunction ( meeting at the same degree) in 1993.

Today Neptune sits OPPOSITE the fixed star Regulus, at 29 Leo, where it will remain until February of 2012, occupying the same degree ( the anaretic, or ending degree) as the last full moon of February 2011, when the moon was in Leo and the sun was illuminating the most spiritual degree of the Zodiac, 29 Aquarius. 
Full MoonFeb. 18, 201129° Leo/Aquarius
The infusion of this Neptunian energy opposing Mercury traveling backwards through Leo is working to remove us from ideas of self serving and haughty role playing that encouraged us to continue lording over the lesser souls in our planetary scenario, and is not going unnoticed and in the sensitive is felt on a much deeper subconscious level as a deep need to connect to the vast ocean of One-ness in dramas of the human heart. 

I feel your pain, I recognize and respect your divinity.

The dramas lately are explosive events accompanied by the "fireballs" of outward physical human activity, even seen in the activity of our own "heart" our physical sun. This is terribly unsettling for people who have not made the upward turn of the spiral in their evolutionary journey of consciousness uniting them to the return, the "Source" of all that is. The ejecta from the sun, primal plasma from our "star' or lifegiver on the planet contains the seeds of everything that is and everything that was, at First Cause. The initial fusion, the fuel of creation for our solar system.

Timing is everything. This full moon entertains echoes of past migrations of souls wishing to create utopian vistas fleeing social injustices in other times and in other lives. Ideals vs Ideas, Freedom from Tyranny, the Spiritual Initiation vs Right of Divine rule.
The King is dead, long live the King.
A Collective Unconscious Awakening- Edmond Wolman, Dell Horoscopes spring 1993 edition
"This new reality of course, depends on our ability to recognize that we create our reality totally, and that we alone possess the choice in the creation of our reality and experiences (Uranus). If we believe that physical reality exists outside of us empirically (Saturn), this recognition may be invalidated. If however, physical reality is seen as simply a focused dream (Saturn) and dream reality, or other dimensional consciousness as an expanded dream (Neptune), then the paradox that the conscious mind feels about these polarities and its "control" over them, is eased through the recognition of choice, either consciously or unconsciously at the portal marked by the orbit of Uranus.

The " unexpected" occurrences associated with Uranus by traditional "old world" astrologers, are simply forgotten choices, made at an unconscious level, that appear as "fate". The argument for determinism is destroyed by the existential recognition ofanother possibility. Primarily, this belief in reality and hierarchies outside of the self, comes through the expectations of conscious mind focus and judgment (Saturn). This transference of evaluations meant for physical survival as discernment, is an un-necessary restriction and crystallized ring remnant of the Capricorn power and hierarchy perspectives.1
By taking responsibility for our reality at Saturn, we acknowledge our choice in the creation of our reality at Uranus, which then allows for merging with a broader reality at Neptune, transition to this new reality at Chiron (that is the "healing") and recognize at Pluto that we are one with the ALL THAT IS.
Physical reality and dream reality are the aspects of the concept of reality. The polarity pair of "dreams". We co-fuse these dreams at Neptune. Uranus allows for the adhesion of this co-fusion.


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