Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing about you is by accident...

The message for you to ponder over and think about is...What if I was made this way?

Nothing about you was made by accident. You were created equipped and well abled. Stop thinking you don't have what it takes.  See yourself as strong, equipped, empowered, a master piece creation, Spirit in the flesh, and the most Divine Creation on the planet.

Follow your Divine destiny you are here to do.  No one else was created for that purpose or task but you. Stop sitting on the sidelines of life and get back in the game.  Get your fire back and get your DREAMS back!

Everything you have at your disposal was created on purpose. Work with your Divine self in the process not against yourself.  Don't hold on to your flaws or defects you think you your greatest cheer leader!  Stay in the positive!  When you accept and approve of yourself then you make your faith effective.

Your history is not your destiny.  That which was formed against you will be used to will be used to propel you forward.  Stop taking your inventory of your negative traits you think you have. When you say "I like myself just the way I am!"  it is a powerful statement.  It releases the chains that bind us in bondage from negative self talk on the other side. 

When we are not living who we were created to be then we are holding back our beauty of our Divine self from others.  Love one another by loving and forgiving yourself first.   See yourself as strong, equipped, and empowered.

Remember when you take care of yourself first and honor yourself then you are in all ways always honoring the Divine in you.

Take 5 mins out of your day to honor yourself and build from there.

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