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From my great friend and Astrologer of events

Here is a very great post my friend did for us to all have a heads up for the next few months.  I always say pro active is better than re-active all ways always! :)


This is called Triggers and Eclipses By Fan0fFacts

In March of 2011 when Uranus and the sun met up in Aries a devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear event took place in Fukushima Japan.
Sun in Uranus at a glance message
" And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air..." 
Nothing describes the upcoming aspects surrounding the Uranus/Sun conjunction better...after the nervous Full moon in Virgo opposite the sun in the last degrees of Pisces we will hearken the arrival of the sun at the Aries point. As you know, 00 degrees of Aries is where the personal meets the public eye- the events that become "signatures" or the sign of the times.

Several aspects, long lasting and transitory, will make this month (and at the very least, the entire next two months) a series of attention grabbing, HEADLINE news featuring explosive and incendiary events. The sun will meet Uranus in Aries EVERY YEAR ( for the next 7/8 years) in degrees further along and continue to CHANGE what was- for all of us. 
What happened 84 years ago in 1927 when Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Aries? 
Earthquake Japan

A whopper of an eclipse occurred in the sign of Cancer on July 22 of 2009 in the last degree of Cancer, 29 degrees, the anaretic degree- highly spiritual in esoteric astrology- the "end of the line" in mundane astrology- in a sign representing incarnating souls, life on our "Mothership", the mass consciousness of humanity and the depth of interior life, HOME ( and all that encapsulates, soul family, family within/without, nurturance available for existence and survival, mothering or "primary" parent issues). This "house" represents what is hidden from you, yourself, as it is a hidden part of the natural zodiac/ the Nadir, the midnight of the soul in the natural fourth house ruled by the moon.


In a personal chart the same corresponding degree and placement in a chart is the final release- the ending of the matter, death. 
This eclipse delivered the message "Our way of life can no longer exist in the present condition." The 29th degree of Cancer has been ACTIVATED and is triggered by the eclipse degree ANYTIME another planet makes an aspect to IT effecting life on the planet until approx 2016 (seven years past the 2009 "born on" date). The areas of life affected include oceanic life, domestic and womens concerns ( children, safety, food, subsistence and nurturance, birth, childcare, programs that "deliver" these services for same, HOME and mother, FEMA, national security and identification ( the USA has a Cancer sun- national identity) food safety, nutrition for children and babies, WIC, TANF, and programs helping families women and children in the wake of financial
disasters ESPECIALLY in the wake of manmade and natural disasters involving voluntary and involuntary pollution of water/hurricanes/flooding, etc> short list) Fracking, flouride, oil spill, dead zone in the gulf, new organisms affecting sea life and water supply, droughts and floods all figure prominently. 

MERCURY is now in Cancer, Mercury in the environment/ coal burning plant emissions, hydroelectric power, messages from the past, history repeating itself, Watergate or Whitewatergate,  food allergies and metals in food, (drugs, vitamins and supplements ) the purity of milk and dairy products/ infant formulas, vaccination news, news affecting children and children's programs,( ESP early education, head start, birth to three years old, vaccine or WIC or TANF related) will be the order of the day. Immigration and anchor babies and the draft or support to military families are another line of interest. Housing and the economy and mortgage related/banking related issues, "securities" and trade, and a return to a scandal relating to the same. Banks are continuing to close, nest eggs and retirement income and /or pensions will be discussed or in need of attention. FOOD SCARCITY will be a continuing subject, drought or flood related.  

We have had the 29th degree stimulated over and over with six consecutive full moons in ascending order- the universe's way of showing us we must release and surrender parts of our emotional inheritance ( moon is mother and emotional inherited tendencies applying to how we view self care and care taking of others, what is necessary for survival, what we HUNGER for) and now is the time to face whatever limitations, self imposed or assumed, that we CARRY as emotional baggage and feed into- or feed- to allow ourselves to feel "familiar" or comforted in situations where we know we must stand on our two feet. Developmentally this is the first time you differentiate yourself from your mother separate from symbiosis where you are in utero, and when you experience the beginnings of self movement-you STAND alone, you take a step.

Eclipse of  June 15 message

The Jupiterian feel of the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius, 24 degrees ( June 15 ) will have an effect that opens or expands the emotions and intuition, and forces an expression, however exaggerated it may be, allowing us to release whatever judgments and self critical attitudes we have accumulated that have prevented us from becoming fully "integrated" as universal beings. These value judgments most likely stem from early conditioning- popular belief systems, the "status quo", leftovers from our early experiences, the "peer group", or message through medium (social conditioning, labels we give ourselves and others) and employs self sabotage techniques in some way.
We have been forced to acknowledge some type of deception, self induced/ inherited or through an associate that may amount to a sort of "betrayal", that prevented us from moving on ( since the recent Gemini eclipse). In the worldview this applies to messages from the media and those who present us with the "facts- or facts of life". Wisdom and a holistic viewpoint are necessary attributes for those who have been feeling stuck or hemmed in by limiting circumstances. A trip to the country or mini vacation in a natural setting will help to refresh those who are chained to a desk or electronic leashes! 

The eclipse in Gemini continues to reveal areas in our lives where messages have been distorted, clouded by illusion or fantasy, have been based on false or faulty assumptions, or self limiting messages that no longer "fit" or make sense and details will continue to emerge as the eclipses face other aspects to enable us to use our "higher powers" of discernment to winnow through the choices that will be offered as Saturn continues to wind it's direct motion through the sign of partner oriented Libra until October 2012.

There will be opportunities to open new doors as old obstacles have fallen away and contacts from the recent past may show up once more to extend a helping hand or ask you for a favor. Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on June 17. Historical perspectives or overtones, history "repeating", replaying the past in a sentimental way, "feeling" family or family oriented activities and remembrances and patriotic/patriarchal/ national allegiances or connections may be tested or stressed. 

This is an excellent time to make peace if you are in a position to do so. The ties that bind are becoming unraveled and many souls are crossing over as we approach the trigger points for the upcoming and most recent Cancer eclipses. 

Ceres the Great Mother message
We will be sure to see stories of war orphans, children who survive family tragedies, heroic or quick thinking children who somehow rise to the occasion in a traumatic situation or "revolutionary" children. Old themes of "abandonment" or fending for yourself may surface especially if you are experiencing a relationship rift or have divorce memories from childhood. Birthdays in very late Aries and early Taurus, as well as those close to 22 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will experience some of these "relationship" themes, if not the central theme itself, as the midpoint of the Cardinal cross falls across this axis, and Mercury retrograde will cross over the same.


A REPEAT OF DEVASTATING EARTH CHANGES or THOSE RELATING TO SELF CARE ( Jupiter in Taurus- what you want or think you "deserve" vs what you really NEED to be self sufficient. CHILDREN STANDING ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET.

MESSAGES will clarify after MERCURY goes direct, on AUGUST 26 and we will see repercussive events close to what we are experiencing and what was revealed in MARCH.
TOKYO (AP) — A strong earthquake has jolted northeastern Japan, the same region devastated by March's massive quake and tsunami.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the Saturday afternoon quake, and notsunami warning was issued.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.4 quake was centered 22 miles (36 kilometers) below the sea bed in the Pacific Ocean, 257 miles (414 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo — in the same area where more than 22,000 people were killed or went missing after the March 11 quake and tsunami.

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