Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you're depressed about the current way life is there's a reason it's called grief.

I went into a depression too it's the stages of grief and loss which is a natural process when you start to wake up. We have to grieve the losses. Loss of our foundations we were "taught" was secure, the loss of trust in the governments, fellow man and such so it's a natural process and people naturally will go through those stages of grief.

To wake up means to change your whole way of life as you've known it. When you wake up you realize it's all been a lie and you could have been living your dreams and doing what you came to this planet to do instead of working and paying bills to just get by and survive. Think about it everyone is in the rat race. Has it been worth all the sacrifices we've made with our families and loved ones most of all? Think of the time that's been robbed from them because of the enslavement of people to things and the dollar. Isn't it time we really sat down and thought about what really matters in our life?

Remember the Matrix and what Morphius said. Once you take the red pill there's no turning back. If you want to be comfortable and keep going with the flow then do that, everyone has free will to decide for themself what they are going to do. With knowledge comes responsiblility, personal responsibility and work and most people aren't willing to change and give up their "things/social status/egos" because most people define them self by what they have and what they do.

It's been society programming and you can't just wake up and then everything will be peachy no no no it takes lots of faith and work to deprogram yourself and go against the main stream of things.

Always remember that life is a journey that begins with just one step. So that means some action needs to be taken. Like the great master said "if you think you can, if you think you can't both are correct."

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