Friday, October 23, 2009

Disconnected, lonely, stressed, hopeless and separated. Are you feeling this way?

DEAR ONES OF THE HUMAN RACE if you're feeling any of these things know that it is because you are going through the separation of the old ways to the new. You are awakening, you are ascending, you are being prepared to survive the end times. Now more than ever is the time for you to stay close to God/Spirit/Universe which ever you choose to call it. Now is the time your knowing is calling out (screaming with some of us) that now is the time to take a look at what is REALLY important in the grand picture of life.

Do not worry about the old system crumbling it has to. For something new to arise something old has to die. This system is old and it's time to die. We must all look inside ourself and find that knowing of what is true for you. Not for society rules, not for your neighbors, not for even your own family but for you.

Each of us are here in this time and space at this very herstoric momment for a reason (yes I spelled that right because this is the beginning of herstory and the ending of history.

Everyone has known about the prophecies of old and now everyone is panicing because they are no longer prophecies but actualities. You must decide for your self which side you will be on. Decide for yourself what is important to you, decide for yourself what it was that you and only you came here to do at this moment in time.

The time is now for us to come together and unit to help one another make it through what has been told long ago would happen. We have the power to make this place and this moment in time what ever we want it to be. WE MUST MAKE A DECISION TODAY it is not to wait on someone to rescue us. It is only us that can rescue ourself.

I know that the times are very frustrating for everyone out here now. I hear it all the time with my conversations with those I counsel. We are all going through the same thing together. That is the true test of all of this will we unit or will we allow ourselves to continue to be separated?

If you think you can and if you think you can't change the world both are correct! Which will you choose? The time is NOW NOT LATER will you stand up united or will you fall divided? It's up to choose....

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