Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Genuine Love of Chris

Divine Universal Spirit as you wil all learn about me very soon! I am here to share the messages of Hope. Thank you Chris for sharing your trust faith and hope with us your new brothers and sisters. Our love and support bac to you to offer naything you need just as for your support on this new journey. I genuinly belive in my "knowing spirit guide" that thes people being brought together by this movement REALLY are going to Save lives. So many have NO HOPE right now. Our part in this world changing movement paradigm, has not been selected randomly and we are all very aware of that.

We have all been gathered together, the survivors turned warriors for cause of good, cause of love, cause of faith, cause of hope, cause of underdanding, cause of harmony, peace and kindness to our fellow human brothers and sisters who are praying for exactly the knowledge we're about to share and power train movement.

We are those warriors of all those caused gathered together here and now to share all of those things above. Billions of people we're going to help!!!! I'm glad to share the journey with you. Thank you.

M ;) aka BDB Oracle

Love you my brother and much love to you and yours!

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